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ZAKS-Tagung Archaeology of the Black Sea in the new light

21. November 2018 / 18:30-23. November 2018 / 19:00

„Does the song of the sea end at the coast” – Khalil Gibran

Archaeology of the Black Sea in the new light

The coast of the Black Sea is a settlement area that has been fruitful for millennia. It was and is a source of life that offers opportunities for cultural development and  exchange.
Some important archaeological cultures were located on its shores. The ancient Greeks took advantage of the low shoreline to build their colonies on the coast. For many settlements this has continued until today. The Black Sea is a place of legends, such as those about Jason and the Argonauts.
In the last few years the study of the Black Sea and its coastal areas has become the focus of scientists. At the center of this conference is on the one hand the sea, its change, and its effect on human activities. On the other is the coast and the associated inland areas where the cultures and goods transported met the locals. Reports on the latest projects affecting these two main themes and with a range from Prehistory to the Middle Ages are to be presented. To better illuminate the two focal points of the meeting, the expected contributions have been divided into in three thematic areas: a) coastal towns, b) transfer and c) geological changes of the Black Sea.
The first thematic area includes the contributions that present projects on coastal towns, especially with the latest findings on the construction of the harbor and its facilities. In the second thematic area reports on recent studies and projects dealing with issues of intercultural contacts in the Black Sea region, the exchange of goods, and the ways and means of transportation across the Black Sea will have their place. The third thematic area includes recent research into the changes in the coastline and the ocean floor.


21. November 2018 / 18:30
23. November 2018 / 19:00


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