Vorträge 2018

The Round Stone Place in the Palace Center of Pliska – The First Bulgarian Capital

„The Round Stone Place in the Palace Center of Pliska – The First Bulgarian Capital“ The research of Pliska, one of the largest earlymedieval urban centers in Europe, began in 1889. After 128 years of excavation, the first Bulgarian capital still has many surprises. One of them is the site called the Round Stone Place, discovered in 2005. This monument occupies an area of one hectare in the Palace center of the city. The so-called Arena has an elliptical shape; it is dug at a depth of one meter from the medieval level and is surrounded by a wooden fence. The whole area is covered with 4448 stone slabs. There …

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Yurta-Stroyno, Roman rural settlement in the south-eastern Bulgaria

„Yurta-Stroyno, Roman rural settlement in the south-eastern Bulgaria“ The Roman province of Thrace, created in 45 A.D. during the reign of emperor Claudius, was a relatively peaceful area, not directly bordering with the “barbaricum”. Consequently, only a small military presence was required to oversee the province, concentrating within two smaller camps. Many Roman army veterans were however settled along the strategic points such as mountain passes or main rivers. The Yurta-Stroyno rural settlement, presumed to be a veteran vicus, was placed twelve kilometers east of the Tundzha River, navigable from the Northern Aegean Sea all the way up to the Thracian Lowlands, and along a road built under the reign …

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