band_05Aegean – Marmara – Black Sea: Present State of the Research of the Early Neolithic. Proceedings of the Session held at the EAA 8th Annual Meeting at Thessaloniki, 28th September 2002

herausgegeben von: Ivan Gatsov und Heiner Schwarzberg (Langenweißbach 2006)
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During the last decades there has been a remarkable intensification in the research of Neolithic sites in Anatolia. This increasing knowledge of the Anatolian Neolithic went hand in hand with new research in the whole area between the Near East and Southeastern Europe. Despite of these advances in Neolithic research, one of the most important key points for the understanding of the genesis of the early Neolithic of Southeastern Europe remained nearly unknown: The area which is structured by the Aegean, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Due to the special geographical situation of the Thracian peninsula, Northern Greece and Western Anatolia this area always functioned as a “cultural bridge” between the Near East and Europe. After smaller surveys and rescue excavations in the 1980s, the national and international archaeological research increased during the last years in that area. Although we are still at the beginning, there are first encouraging results about the role of Southeastern European and Anatolian cultures, on one hand, and on the importance of local traditions in the process of the Neolithization, on the other hand.
In September 2002, at the EAA 8th Annual Meeting at Thessaloniki, international scholars discussed aspects of these problems. The main objective of the publication of the session “Aegean – Marmara – Black Sea: Present State of the Research of the Early Neolithic” is to present, evaluate and discuss the present state of research of the early Neolithic cultures in the contact region of the Aegean, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea and to stress the importance of international interdisciplinary research, including papers on zoology, botany, and physical anthropology.


  • François Bertemes/Andreas Furtwängler (Halle/Saale) – Preface of the Series Editors
  • Hermann Parzinger (Berlin) – Address
  • Heiner Schwarzberg (Halle/Saale)/Ivan Gatsov (Sofia) – Aegean – Marmara – Black Sea: Present State of the Research of the Early Neolithic. An Introduction
  • Javor Bojadziev (Sofia) – The Role of the Absolute Chronology in Clarifying the Neolithisation of the Balkan Peninsula
  • Michel Séfériadès (Rennes) – Some Reflections on the Mesolithic Substratum and the Neolithisation Processes in the Aegean, Danubian and the Black Sea Areas
  • Mehmet Özdogan (Istanbul) – Neolithic Cultures at the Contact Zone between Anatolia and the Balkans: Diversity and Homogeneity at the Neolithic Frontier
  • Clemens Lichter (Istanbul) – Zum Forschungsstand des Neolithikums und frühen Chalkolithikums in Westanatolien
  • Songül Alpaslan-Roodenberg (Leiden) – Death in Neolithic Ilipinar
  • Nina Kyparissi-Apostolika (Athens) – The Beginnings of Early Neolithic in Thessaly
  • Nikos Efstratiou (Thessaloniki) – Looking for the Early Prehistory of Greek Thrace: Research Problems, Prospects and First Results
  • Marion Lichardus-Itten (Paris)/Jean-Paul Demoule (Paris)/Lilijana Perniceva (Sofia)/Malgorzata Grebska-Kulova (Blagoevgrad)/Ilija Kulov (Blagoevgrad) – Kovacevo: An Early Neolithic Site in Southwest Bulgaria and its Importance for European Neolithisation
  • Lolita Nikolova (Salt Lake City/Karlovo) – The Village-Interments and the Social Reproduction during the Neolithic
  • Eva Rosenstock (Tübingen) – Early Neolithic Tells of Southeastern Europe in their Natural Setting: A Study in Distribution and Architecture. 
  • Heiner Schwarzberg (Halle/Saale) – A new Item for the ”Neolithic Package”? 
  • Svend Hansen (Berlin) – Frühe Statuetten in Griechenland und ihre Vorbilder
  • Ivan Gatsov (Sofia) – Present Bulgarian Lands and the problem of Pleistocene-Holocene transition: State of Research
  • Maria Gurova (Sofia) – Functional Aspects of the Early Neolithic Flint Assemblages from Bulgaria and NW-Anatolia
  • Norbert Benecke (Berlin) – Animal husbandry and hunting in the Early Neolithic of Southeast Europe: A Review
  • Elena Marinova (Sofia) – Archaeobotanical Study of the Bulgarian Neolithic: Current State and Perspectives